Our focus is always patient care.

Pentec Health has built a tradition of exceptional patient care by committing to quality, safety and innovation. Now, we aim to be the provider of choice for renal nutrition therapy and intrathecal pump management.

Who We Are

For nearly 40 years, Pentec Health has been a leading provider of Intradialytic Parenteral Nutrition (IDPN) and Intraperitoneal Nutrition (IPN) protein therapies for malnourished dialysis patients. In addition, we offer patient-specific medications that are delivered by surgically implanted, programmable intrathecal pumps. What’s more, our team of highly trained and caring nurses can refill these pumps in the comfort of a patient’s home and monitor for side effects of the medication. In each of our practices, we aim to provide the best service and quality in the business.

We operate within a patient-centric model and ultimately prepare and provide products and services for the betterment of each patient.

We are committed to transparency among colleagues and with customers. We do so with unwavering integrity.

We are never satisfied with the status quo. We continuously seek to improve our processes, products, and services.

Different opinions, experiences, and skill sets are evident in our colleague and customer knowledge bases. We are committed to providing a safe and harassment — free work environment.

Our History

In 1983, “PENtech Infusions” began as a small regional pharmacy meeting the needs of dialysis patients and patients with severe pain or spasticity. Over the years, the company expanded into a leading provider of compounded sterile products and, in 1999, was accredited by the Joint Commission. In 2006, PENtech Infusions was acquired by a private equity and given a new name, Pentec Health, to communicate our leadership as a healthcare company. In 2008, Pentec Health launched Proplete, a formulation that shifted the paradigm of IDPN therapy. Over the past ten years, Pentec Health achieved more major milestones, including becoming the only Nurse Training Program to be accredited by the ANCC in 2014.

Our Executive Team

Exceptional care starts with extraordinary leadership. Pentec Health’s Executive Team leads the company with unmatched expertise and integrity.

Board of Directors

Pentec Health is directed by a group of highly experienced leaders with impressive professional backgrounds.