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Your dedication to the health and well-being of your patients is unmatched. But when some intrathecal (IT) pump patients require more attention with their pump management, your schedule may not support the time needed to provide care to other patients in your practice. How can you ensure that your patients will receive the highest quality of care for pump management and bring balance back to your schedule? Our team of highly trained nurses and pharmacists is here to help you provide the highest quality of care for your intrathecal pump patients.


The many challenges of treating IT pump patients.

In addition to managing their pain or spasticity, your intrathecal (IT) pump patients have very specific needs that require a higher level of care. Between the paperwork and keeping up with ever-changing skill requirements, you and your staff try to provide the most effective, specialized care for these patients. 


Our DrugPlus programs handle every aspect of IT pump refills.

Our aim is to help your patients better manage their pain and spasticity. We have 200+ specialized nurses to help provide expert refill services and in-home care for qualified patients. Patient-specific medications are compounded in our sterile pharmacy by pharmacists & technicians specialized in IT pump medication. 

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By teaming up with Pentec Health to meet the needs of your IT pump patients, you can better address the health care concerns of all your patients.

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Pentec Health employs highly-trained nurses capable of managing all Intrathecal Pump models and refilling pumps in the patient’s environment. Each Pentec Health nurse is trained to the highest standards of intrathecal pump management, including routine, emergency and troubleshooting of all types of intrathecal pumps. Our nurses are trained through our Intrathecal Nurse Training Program which, since 2014, is the ONLY training program accredited by the ANCC. Through this program we deploy a trained RN to the patient’s home with medications to fill the pump. While there, they examine the patient and send notes, assessments and a telemetry back to your office within 48 hours. The nurse is available to your patients on-call 24/7/365 for any pump-related issues. In addition, an expert pharmacist is also available 24/7/365 to consult with you, monitor medication and provide follow-ups.

  • Highly trained Pentec Health Nurses will refill IT pump in the patient's environment
  • Seamless communication via HIPAA compliant EMR
  • Expert pharmacists help with medication monitoring

Our Services: Expert Care in a Familiar Setting

Pentec Health is an industry leader in providing physician-prescribed, custom-prepared, patient-specific compounded sterile medications that are intended for intrathecal administration in the patient’s home as well as various alternative sites. Our experts are highly trained to meet patients' needs and work seamlessly with their physicians.

Nursing Services

Patients with intrathecal pump therapy require specialized care and service to refill their pump and monitor for side effects of the medication. Pentec Health’s nurses are experienced with all approved intrathecal pumps and apply proper technique to perform more than 20,000 pump refills annually. Our nurses’ level of competency and care is unmatched.

Pentec Health nurses utilize a proprietary electronic medical record system to enhance patient outcomes and promote collaboration with the patient’s primary care provider. All data, including physical assessments, pump telemetries and prescriptions are available on demand to physicians and their staff. To ensure patient confidentiality, our nurses maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations in all communications.

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  • Precise pump programming according to patient's needs and physician’s orders, including the knowledge and ability to program dose adjustments, patient-assisted devices (myPTM), bridge boluses, one-time boluses, and flexible dose pattern
  • Comprehensive physical assessments, including a focused pain and/or spasticity assessment, risk assessments (fall and suicide) resulting in individualized plan of care
  • Ongoing patient education regarding diagnoses, therapy, and medications, including year-round 24/7 access to Pentec Health’s team of health care professionals & patient advocacy

Pharmacy Services

Our pharmacists and technicians are specially trained in intrathecal drug preparation and high-risk compounding. Sterile products are expertly prepared to meet the needs of each individual patient, and are compounded individually following the physician’s prescription. Our closed-door sterile pharmacies meet the prescriptive needs of the patient referred. For over 35 years, Pentec Health has been dispensing, clinically consulting and shipping nationwide.

Our pharmacy and compounding staff have been accredited by THE JOINT COMMISSION for our home infusion services and are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to physicians and patients. They utilize a proprietary electronic medical record-keeping system to manage patient prescriptions and facilitate communication with physicians.

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  • Pharmacy is an integral part of the multidisciplinary team to optimize drug therapy and improve therapeutic outcomes for IT patients. Seamless coordination with our nursing team or your office to coordinate delivery of medications for all scheduled patient visit
  • Expertly trained and assessed pharmacy personnel dedicated exclusively to the preparation and management of intrathecal pump medication
  • Assurance of sterility of compounded prescriptions by documented integrity testing of the filters used in every dose prepared

Client and Billing Support

Our team of billing and reimbursement experts will work with you and your office to ensure that the appropriate DrugPlusTM service is right for your patient. All patients will have access to a payment specialist to assist them with understanding their benefits and/or patient responsibilities. Our client support team works with our pharmacy and nursing team to provide the best level of support for you and your patient.

Pentec Health has a range of financial assistance programs to help patients manage their financial needs.

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  • Intrathecal Pump Intake Team executes single case agreements quickly
  • Manage all facets of insurance authorization, billing and collection
  • Dedicated team of subject matter experts on implanted pump therapy to work directly with your office


Our team is trained to service and refill all models of intrathecal pumps on the market. We work with all manufacturers to understand the technology and have had the only ANCC accredited Intrathecal Nurse Training Program since 2014. Here are some resources that we rely on to build our intrathecal pump management program.

Prialt® Intrathecal Infusion

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Prometra® Programmable Pump by Flowonix Medical Inc.

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SynchroMed II Pump by Medtronic

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Updated Guidelines On Intrathecal Therapy for Pain

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