We work to help improve your patient care.

Omnisourcing improves compounding by enabling your hospital to:

Maintain Processes

Maintain the use of existing technologies while improving efficiencies of existing workflows and processes

Minimize Contact

Minimize human contact during compounding to maintain a final product’s sterility and accuracy

Maximize Storage

Maximize storage and security by deploying products in automated dispensing cabinets and utilizing barcoding technology from the pharmacy to patient bedside

Designed by Pharmacists, for Pharmacists

Our products were designed by people who know how to meet your daily needs because they have been (and still are) in your shoes.

Hospital Pharmacists

As a pharmacist, your first priority is patient safety. Our products allow your team to compound faster and more accurately, ensuring that your patients get the right treatment as soon as possible. We also proactively provide documentation/certifications ensuring the quality of our products every time you order through our eCommerce site.

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Awards & Recognition

Our products have received the following accolades:

  • Winner 2016: Marcum - Innovator of the Year
  • Finalist 2017: Health Trust Innovation Summit - Innovation of the Year
  • Finalist 2018: Process Excellence Network Awards - Best Project Contributing to Customer Excellence
  • Finalist 2018 and Nominee 2017: Premier GPO - Innovation of the Year

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“If your Snap-N-Go norepinephrine 8mg is docked in my hood but not activated, that means I can get about 30 days instead of 24 hours and I don’t have to track down an amber bag? That’s just phenomenal.”

Pharmacist at a local healthcare system

Frequently Asked Questions

What information is contained in a Certificate of Analysis or a Certificate of Conformity?

We proactively send customers these certificates. Each one features an executive summary highlighting what you need to know and details the results of purity/identity, potency, particulate, sterility and endotoxin testing for every batch sent. These certificates are also available on our e-commerce site.

Have you had any recalls to date? If so, what were the issues?

There have been no recalls and no issues.

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