We are your trusted partner in improving renal nutrition with our Proplete® IDPN and IPN therapies.

Our patient-specific IDPN and IPN nutritional support therapies are for patients on hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis respectively who have a difficult time maintaining adequate nutrition status. They help replenish protein losses in Chronic Kidney Disease 5D (CKD-5D) patients who have not achieved nutritional goals through liberalized diet, oral nutritional supplements. Our therapies are supported by Consensus recommendations through the NKF Kidney Disease Outcomes Quality Initiative (NKF KDOQI)™ and the American Society for Parenteral and Enteral Nutrition (ASPEN). At Pentec Health, we are as dedicated to the well-being of your patients as you are. Trust us to assist you in efforts to help your patients meet their nutritional goals.


Nutritional Factors in Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Patients present with comorbid factors and often develop additional comorbid conditions once on dialysis therapy. In fact, about 86% of patients with CKD have at least one comorbid condition, which may factor into hospitalization. The comorbidity of Protein Energy Wasting (PEW) is a frequent complex complication of CKD Stage 5 Dialysis (CKD-5D) and has been identified as one of the strongest risk factors for adverse outcomes. The inability to improve dietary nutrient intake will have a negative impact on keeping these patients out of the hospital.


IDPN and IPN for your renal dialysis patients at nutritional risk

Our team of clinical experts work directly with you and your support staff to personalize the prescription based on the patient's nutrition needs and co-morbid conditions. Our clinical team, comprised of renal nutrition and specialty renal pharmacy experts, are here to help monitor ongoing therapy, report on progress and recommend dosage adjustments as needed. All of our IDPN and IPN solutions are produced at our 503A pharmacy, which meets or exceeds USP <797> standards for pharmaceutical compounding of sterile preparations.

Our IDPN and IPN Products

We provide the nutritional support patients need when they are unable to meet protein and energy requirements with food and supplements alone.

Proplete® IDPN Therapy

For your in-center hemodialysis and home hemodialysis patients, our family of IDPN nutritional support therapies provide weight-based formulations to optimize protein repletion critical to improving nutrition status. Our team of nutrition support experts work with your staff to ensure the lowest level of fluid and dextrose are used for the highest level of amino acids to be utilized for protein synthesis.

  • Pentec Health has the only patented IDPN therapy on the market.
  • Our dietitians and pharmacists review each formula to ensure glucose utilization rates are not exceeded.
  • Our contracts and relationships with manufacturers help to ensure provision of therapy during times of national shortage.

Proplete® IPN Therapy

For your peritoneal dialysis patients, our Intraperitoneal Parenteral Therapy (IPN) nutritional support therapies are designed to replenish protein losses occur during peritoneal dialysis. After completion of our training, addition of the therapy is easy for both the patient and clinical staff. Each IPN bag is compounded by adding the prescribed amount of amino acids into the dialysate bags made by Baxter/Fresenius. The bag is then shipped to the patient’s residence to replace one of their dialysate bags. No separate hook up is typically required by the patient so there is no additional risk. The need for special training is minimal since the bag is administered in the same way as a regular dialysis bag.

  • We provide the patient with all necessary knowledge and supplies needed to add IPN therapy to their routine.
  • Our highly-trained pharmacy staff is on call 24/7/365 to addresses any questions or concerns.
  • Every unit has a dedicated Clinical Case Manager to communicate with the PD nurse to discuss and help personalize the IPN prescription.

Our Clinical Assistance Program

We have a team of dedicated experts to help nephrologists and clinicians improve their patient’s nutritional status and overall quality of life.

Renal Clinical Case Management Team

Pentec Health offers the Clinical Assistance Program to support nephrologists and clinicians focused on improving outcomes in malnourished patients. The Clinical Case Manager team consists of Renal Registered Dietitians, who strive to maximize the response of your patients on IDPN and IPN therapy. The Clinical Case Manager will be the clinical point person to onboard and maintain each patient as they are referred to Pentec Health.

The Clinical Case Manager will confirm that the patient qualification criteria for therapy is met prior to commencement of therapy. The Clinical Case Manager will assist with maintaining quality patient therapy by actively participating in the process for authorization and re-authorization of patients.

A quarterly review is completed to measure the improvement of the IDPN and IPN patients based on start of care date. Pentec Health’s Albumin Drop System will track and trend albumin data to identify patients with significant declines and the Clinical Case Manager will review the patient at that time.

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  • Pentec Health has the only patented IDPN therapy on the market. Registered dietitians dedicated to your healthcare facility
  • Supports clinicians with/by improving outcomes of malnourished patients
  • Closely monitors clinical data on patients receiving IDPN and IPN therapyf therapy during times of national shortage.
  • Identifies changes in patient response to therapy to suggest modifications when indicated
  • Reviews aggregated patient outcomes data to optimize therapy

Renal Pharmacy Team

Our renal pharmacists specialize in the provision of nutrition solutions (IDPN and IPN) for dialysis patients. Our staff includes pharmacists who are board certified in nutritional support and are available on-call 24/7. Our pharmacy team works seamlessly with our Renal Clinical Case Managers (RCCM's) to ensure that each patient is receiving optimal nutritional intervention.

Our Pharmacy Team will assist in the management of electrolyte disorders, including refeeding syndrome. After assisting with the initial order, routine follow-up is performed to monitor therapy and provide suggestions for dosing adjustments. Oral supplementation and dietary recommendations are also provided.

We have a dedicated Pharmacy Quality team that performs environmental monitoring, which meets and exceeds the requirements of USP <797> guidelines for sterile compounding. This includes daily non-viable particle testing, daily final product testing, monthly air viable and surface sampling, and personnel monitoring within the clean room to ensure the sterility and quality of the nutritional solutions dispensed by Pentec Health. These established protocols and quality control measures ensure the safety and accuracy of every sterile preparation dispensed for your patients.

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Reimbursement Team

Our Renal Intake Team is committed to a quick, easy referral process with the quality of service, reliability, and expertise that embodies Pentec Health. We understand the importance of a positive customer experience. As a result, we focus on hiring the best people who provide superior service at every opportunity. We strive to exceed our referral partners’ and patients’ expectations.

Pentec Health has existing contracts with both government and private insurers. Our team of Insurance Coordinators are familiar with all requirements for reimbursement and provide the patient with optimal opportunities for therapy coverage. All insurance verification and prior authorizations from insurance carriers are handled by our experienced team.

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  • Comprehensive insurance verification to determine eligibility and coverage
  • Communication with our patients and referral partners in a professional, timely manner

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