December 11, 2018 | Press

Dilute-N-Go® Syringes Now Available from Pentec Health’s 503B Outsourcing Facility

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Continuing to Help Fill the Gap of Critically Needed IV Medications

Pentec Health, Inc., an established leader in sterile compounding, announced the launch of their single-use Dilute-N-Go® syringe based products from their 503B Outsourcing Facility. These patent pending products provide concentrated, sterile solutions (in concentrations that are not commercially available), that deliver a precise dose when its contents are introduced into a diluent bag of choice. Dilute-N-Go and its vial-based counterpart Snap-N-Go® are designed to help hospital pharmacies combine the flexibility of outsourcing with the control of insourcing.

The following products are available in the Dilute-N-Go configuration for immediate order:

Vancomycin 100mg/mL 7.5mL Dilute-N-Go Syringes (750mg dose within a 20mL syringe)

Vancomycin 100mg/mL 10mL Dilute-N-Go Syringes (1000g dose within a 20mL syringe)

Vancomycin 100mg/mL 12.5mL Dilute-N-Go Syringes (1250mg dose within a 20mL syringe)

Vancomycin 100mg/mL 15mL Dilute-N-Go Syringes (1500mg dose within a 20mL syringe)

Vancomycin 100mg/mL 17.5mL Dilute-N-Go Syringes (1750mg dose within a 20mL syringe)

Vancomycin 100mg/mL 20mL Dilute-N-Go Syringes (2000mg dose within a 20mL syringe)

“Our focused effort to help meet the demands of each hospital’s pharmacy quality and safety standards is what drove us to innovate and invent the Dilute-N-Go line in addition to our Snap-N-Go products,” said Joseph Cosgrove, Chairman, President, and CEO of Pentec Health. Mr. Cosgrove added “We are anticipating this expansion of our product line to continue to fill the gap in meeting these needs. As a trusted outsourcing provider, we hope to continue to deliver quality and safety by design through our 503B outsourcing facility.”

As the name indicates, Dilute-N-Go syringes must be diluted before their administration. Each syringe has multiple safety measures in place to avoid confusion, including a ‘Must Be Diluted’ warning on the label placed over a tamper-evident cap with multiple additional warnings on the product label, box label as well as the associated ‘Recommendations For Use” pamphlet included within every carton of product. It is recommended that Dilute-N-Go inventory is kept in the hospital pharmacy segregated from general stock, similar to the storage treatment of other high alert products on the market. With proper precautions, the safety and efficiency of Dilute-N-Go products have been shown to reduce dosing errors by more than 85% and cut most of the inherent costs that are associated with drug waste.

Snap-N-Go products are concentrated, sterile solutions that come in single-dose vials. Each vial provides a concentrated, sterile solution (in concentrations that are not commercially available) that delivers a precise dose when introduced into a diluent bag of choice. In the forward positions, these vials can be stored in automated dispensing machines (ADM) for rapid retrieval, dose-tracking and subsequent administration to a patient by a nurse utilizing a standard vial-to-bag adaptor/activation process.

Pentec Health is registered as a 503B outsourcing provider for Snap-N-Go and Dilute-N-Go products with the FDA and licensed within 40 States, with Arkansas being the most recent addition.

About Pentec Health

For over 35 years, Pentec Health has been an industry leader in providing patient-specific, and anticipatory compounded sterile medications. Pentec Health’s medications are used for administration in dialysis centers, as well as providing in-home Specialty Infusion through nursing services and complex pharmaceutical products to patients who require access outside of a hospital setting. Pentec Health has built a tradition of exceptional patient care by committing to quality, safety, and innovation. As a 503B outsourcing facility, we aim to be the provider of choice for outsourced products, sterile preparations and services in the healthcare marketplace. For more information, please visit

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