Shetal Vyas

Vice President of Marketing

Shetal Vyas brings over 20 years of marketing and sales experience in the pharmaceutical, medical device, genetic testing and healthcare industries to Pentec Health. She has successfully launched, managed and redefined more than 15 brands in her career. Prior to joining Pentec Health, Shetal worked at Vermillion, Inc., a biotechnology company focused on risk stratification for ovarian cancer, as the head of marketing and customer experience. Prior to that she was part of the sales leadership team at Myriad Genetics, a molecular diagnostics company, where she lead her team to unparalleled growth. Shetal’s roots in in industry started with a large pharmaceutical company, AstraZeneca Pharmaceuticals, where she held multiple progressive leadership roles in sales, sales operations and marketing. She is currently an active mentor and a past board member of the Healthcare Businesswoman’s Association.

Shetal holds an MBA from Saint Joseph’s University and a Bachelor of Science from Temple University. In addition to these academic achievements, Shetal is a recognized expert in the industry and speaks at industry events periodically.