Renal Nutrition Services

Assessing Nutritional Risk

Your Single Source Provider of Protein Therapy for Malnourished Dialysis Patients

Pentec Health is more than a specialty compounding pharmacy. We are an extension of your health care team from the moment you prescribe our therapy to your patient.

Over the past three decades, we have earned the trust of nephrologists nationwide. We provide exceptional service throughout the continuum of care while monitoring progress every step of the way.

It’s Time to Rethink Protein Therapy

Are your patients at nutritional risk?

Our therapy can help replete their nutritional status.

Plus, it is easily administered!

Patient Criteria

Who benefits from our low carbohydrate and low volume IDPN/IPN therapies?

Intervention for Malnutrition

Patient Qualification Criteria

1. Patient given intensive dietary counseling, emphasizing need for increased protein and/or calorie intake, for a minimum of one month with no evidence of clinical improvement (i.e. rise in serum albumin and/or weight).

2. Initiation of oral supplementation attempted with no improvement in albumin levels and/or weight gain after 1-2 months.

3. Evidence of continued protein malnutrition as documented by:

    a) Three-month average albumin < 3.5 g/dL
    b) Progressive decline in serum albumin over three months to < 3.5 g/dL
    c) nPCR < 0.8 or documentation of inadequate protein intake


Evidence of continued calorie malnutrition as documented by:

    a) Current weight < 90% of IBW
    b) BMI < 18 orc) Weight loss > 5% over three months

4. Recommendation to Physician for prescribing IDPN/IPN therapy.

How Our Therapy Works

Our special formulas Meet the Specific Nutritional Needs of Your Patient!

  • Low dextrose
  • Low volume
  • Low/no lipids