Intrathecal Pump Services

Nursing Support

Exceptional Patient Care

Patients with intrathecal pump therapy require specialized care and service to refill the pump and monitor for side effects of the medication. Pentec nurses are experienced with all approved intrathecal pumps and apply proper technique to perform more than 17,000 pump refills annually. Registered Nurses are available 24/7, 365 days a year to provide any answers or assistance that a patient may need. Our primary care model allows for personalized care, comprehensive physical assessment, and emotional support.

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Patient Testimonials

“I am so very grateful for the assistance and for my fantastic Pentec Nurse!  Before him, my refills were always a major stressor and would give me anxiety.  But he makes sure I am comfortable and always gets me on the first stick!  He is always caring and compassionate!”

-Kristin B.


“My Pentec Nurse is by far one of the most caring, efficient, and professional people I have ever had the good fortune to be cared by.  My schedule calls for her to visit approximately every month. I can honestly tell you that I look so forward to her visits because it is an important aspect of my health maintenance but at the same time I have the opportunity to spend a little time with her and she is not only an incredible caregiver, but also a person I would like to refer to as a dear friend.”

-Bob C.


“I sustained a major fall and was worried that my pump was affected.   I reaches out to my Pentec Nurse for reassurance on a regular basis and she is readily available to me.  She visited me after 8pm to reassure my pump was functional.  My Pentec Nurse has the overall needs of her patients at heart and cares for the whole person “not just a pump”.”

-Catharine J.


Partnering with Physicians

Pentec nurses utilize a proprietary electronic medical record system to enhance patient outcomes and promote collaboration with the patient’s primary care provider. All data, including physical assessments, pump telemetries, and prescriptions, are available on demand to physicians and their staff. This allows the nurses to work seamlessly with the physician’s office to schedule patient visits in a facility or act as an extension of the physician in the home. To ensure patient confidentiality, nurses maintain compliance with HIPAA regulations in all communications.

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Joint Commission

Patient Safety is our top priority. If you have any complaints, concerns or suggestions on how we can better serve patients, we welcome your feedback. Please contact:

Senior Vice President of Nursing Services, Karen McHenry



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